Business English

Start speaking better
English at work

See how Business English course can improve your level of English and help you achieve career success.

Business English

Start speaking better
English at work

See how Business English course can improve your level of English and help you achieve career success.

Is any of these about you?

you understand quite a lot but you have problems with speaking and writing

you are afraid to speak because you think about your grammar mistakes and you aren’t sure if you say the words in the correct way

you often feel frustrated when you start speaking English and suddenly realize that you don’t know the exact words to express yourself

you strongly believe that your level of English is blocking your professional development – you miss the chance for promotion or getting a better job

If at least one of the sentences above sounds familiar to you, you are in the right place.
There is a solution which will help you improve your vocabulary and start speaking in a more fluent and advanced way.

Business English

Business English is an individual course specially dedicated for people who work as an expert or manager in one of the following areas: recruitment, HR or sales.

Typical lesson topics

Below is a list of topics, which we will cover during our lessons. Please consider them as only suggestionsthe course is personalized so that it can meet your individual needs. Some of the topics mentioned below can be expanded, and others can be omitted.


Working with People
Staff Satisfaction
Career Development
Performance Assessment
HR Managers
Employer Branding
Future of Work


Looking for a Client
Needs Analysis
Direct Search
Job Advertisement
Phone Screening
Job Interview
Candidate Profiles
Building Relationships


Sales Cycle
Best Sales Representatives
First Contact
Needs Analysis
Relationship with Clients


The course is for you, if:

  • You feel tired and frustrated seeing no progress in learning English
  • You want to improve your vocabulary and start using it while speaking and writing
  • You want to focus on the area you work in and stop wasting time on topics not connected to your professional goals
  • You are ready to devote at least 2 hours every week on learning English

The course is not for you, if:

  • You don’t want or don’t have time to learn English between the lessons on your own
  • Your English is at A1 level. The lessons and the materials are all in English, which means that a communicative level of English is required.
  • You don’t work in recruitment, HR or sales. I focus on working with people from those three areas because I know that I can offer them the best quality possible.


What does a lesson with me look like?

Choose your preferred way of cooperation

SIngle Lesson

Number of lessons - 1
2 weeks to use the lesson
Lesson length- 55 minutes
Feedback Card after the lesson
The lesson via Zoom platform


Number of lessons - 20
24 weeks to use all the lessons
Lesson length - 55 minutes
Access to Better English Hub
Feedback Card after every lesson
Support between lessons
Lessons via Zoom platform


Have a look at the frequently asked questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, I encourage you to contact me directly.

The answer is simple – it depends.

I cannot predict how much time and energy you will invest in learning English. I also do not know what is your current level of English and what are your expectations.

However, my 15 years of experience clearly shows that in most cases the first significant results can be seen after 6 months of intensive cooperation.

My most motivated clients can see the progress within just 3 months. Those are the people who implement my suggestions, spend at least 2 or 3 hours every week learning English and find the courage to use English in their workplace.

You can cancel the lesson free of charge if you inform me about it 24 hours before the scheduled time.

If you have any questions about your homework or just need my support with learning English, you can contact me and I will reply as soon as possible within next 24 hours.


Payment for single or bundled lessons are made in advance. When the money gets transferred into my account, I will send you an invoice with purchase confirmation.

Yes, I can issue an invoice but I’m not a VAT payer.

Yes, it is possible but only in Warsaw, Poland. A face-to-face lesson might last for 60 or 90 minutes.. The price may vary depending on the location. Please contact me for further details.

Better English Hub is the perfect solution to keep all your materials organized and see your progress. It is a Google Sheet document where you will find all the materials we have been using, your homework tasks and test results.

Feedback Card, as the name suggests, is a one-page pdf file with personalized and constructive feedback. You will get after each and every lesson. It is usually a list of new vocabulary, the words you have problems to pronounce correctly and most important mistakes you have been making.

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